Co-Founder: Android (over 3B served); Google Ventures (GV); & Wildfire (voice assistant built in 1990), PhD Comp Science. Posts are my views.

Dave Bedingfield


Broadly uninteresting and deeply flawed.



CEO @Digits, Former Head of Consumer Product @Twitter

Diego Ponciano


Principal Engineer at @t2

Alastair Tse


Imagining Engineering and Engineering Imagining.

Paul Roland Lambert


Building next gen home climate control so you can ditch your furnace. Tried really hard to convince @gabor to start this 😁. T2 angel investor.

Heath Fradkoff


Eternal defender of the Oxford Comma. 20+ years in PR and honored to be helping with T2. I spend off hours chasing my kids, walking a dog, and doodling in a beat-up old sketchbook.

Gabor Cselle


Chief QA tester of this website.



Product engineer · Embracing uncertainty, exploring new ideas · Previously, founding member of Twitter and Co-founder and CTO of Amen

Brian McCullough


Techmeme Ride Home (podcast) guy. GP: Ride Home Fund. Author: How The Internet Happened. Co-founder of Ride Home Media. Maybe just listen to the Techmeme show. T2 investor.