Brian McCullough


Techmeme Ride Home (podcast) guy. GP: Ride Home Fund. Author: How The Internet Happened. Co-founder of Ride Home Media. Maybe just listen to the Techmeme show. T2 investor.

Gabor Cselle


Chief QA tester of this website.

Jon Tippens


Bay area funky person. Formerly @ Google, Area120.

Dan Colish


"Disruptive" Engineer - ex-Area120/Google I use my posts as notes and opportunities for collaboration.

Joe Corkery


At the beginning of an exciting new adventure. More to come soon.

Maximillian Piras


Product Designer, growth 🌱 focused

Vijay Pandurangan


Early T2 backer! Adjunct Prof @Stanford Medicine; angel investor x 100; formerly ny eng site lead @Twitter, @google

Rosa Golijan


Currently: 🤷‍♀️ Previously: Privacy Engineer at Google

Camila Ferraz


Ex-Google PM, yogini, climate action ✨

Diego Ponciano


Principal Engineer at @t2