Co-founder/CTO, HubSpot



🪩designing things and whatnot🪩

Tina Koyama


Designer turned entrepreneur. After a decade in Tech focusing on keeping traditions alive with POJ Studio. Mom of two. Ex-Tweep.

Paul English


Entrepreneur and activist, based in Boston and NYC, often in Miami and SF as well!



CEO @Digits, Former Head of Consumer Product @Twitter

Erica Kochi


Loves/hates the internet. Epicurean, oenophile, climber, mom, and fan of @gabor. Founded UNICEF Innovation back in the day

Diego Ponciano


Principal Engineer at @t2

Michael Sayman


Jonathan Wilde


Writes about privacy. Tech Lead Manager, Community Health @Clubhouse. Alumni: @Meta, @Mozilla, @TuftsUniversity, @HKUniversity. Views my own.

Dave Bedingfield


Broadly uninteresting and deeply flawed.