Community Guidelines

Welcome. Please be kind. Everything you post is public.

We want you to communicate and connect on T2 knowing there are reliable and consistently enforced rules. We want everyone to feel welcome to talk about the things they care about.

In order to achieve this, we have basic rules for what’s allowed and not allowed on the platform. Violations of these rules will result in content being removed. Repeat offenders will be removed.

Authentic Conversations

  • 1. Misleading identities. You can't pretend to be another person, group, or organization to trick, confuse, or mislead people.
  • 2. Artificial disruption and spam. Misusing the platform and sending spam is not allowed. You can't use our services to artificially spread information in a way that messes with or disrupts other people's experience on our platform.

Everyone Welcome

  • 3. Abuse and harassment: Harassment or encouraging abuse and harassment of any kind is not allowed.
  • 4. Hate speech and incitement to violence: Hate speech and prejudiced speech is not tolerated here. Do not call for violence against people based on ethnicity, national origin, caste, race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, illness, and/or sexual orientation.

The Basics

  • 5. Private information. You can't publish or post other people's private information (like their home phone number and address) without their permission.
  • 6. Graphic violence: Content that is excessively gory or violent is not allowed.
  • 7. Terrorism and violent extremism: It is not allowed to promote either of these things. We will delete any known accounts owned by specific violent extremists, or perpetrators of mass violence.
  • 8. Adult content, including pornographic content, is not allowed.
  • 9. Child sexual exploitation material is not allowed.
  • 10. Encouragement or advocacy of self-harm and suicide is not permitted.
  • 11. Controlled or prohibited goods and services. Use of our service for any illegal activity involving illicit goods or services is not allowed.

Please Report

Image of a post on T2 with the report button circled in red

If you see any abusive and harmful behavior that goes against these guidelines, or our terms of use, report or contact our support team (

A note on these guidelines: These guidelines will continue to evolve as our platform does. Have feedback? Please fill out this questionnaire here.