Enthusiastic #programmer

Maya Elise Joseph-Goteiner


0-1 UX/R who likes 📚⛷️🌅 🖼️ Priors: Google, Docusign, Indiegogo, Gannett, Matisse Foundation, Artnet

Sarah Oh


T2 Cofounder. Just enough characters.

Gabor Cselle


Chief QA tester of this website.



This website.

Heath Fradkoff


Eternal defender of the Oxford Comma. 20+ years in PR and honored to be helping with T2. I spend off hours chasing my kids, walking a dog, and doodling in a beat-up old sketchbook.

Joe Beninato


8 time startup guy & investor. Previously led early moonshots at X, the moonshot factory.

Hanna Hart


Executive coach, facilitator, reader/writer, mom, friend, hiker, and food pantry volunteer.

Pearl Freier


Founder of Cambridge BioPartners, Inc.

Jon Tippens


Bay area funky person. Formerly @ Google, Area120.